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The services we offer include:

  • SMS marketing services
  • Text message advertising
  • Flash SMS Services
  • English & Other Regional languages(Marathi, Hindi, Gujrathi etc.)

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Designing tailor-made SMS marketing solutions

SMS marketing can be extremely effective in regard to time-based promotional offers and notifications ¨C such as sale and discount alerts, teasers, contests and product updates. Furthermore, it allows businesses to correctly monitor the delivery of SMS marketing messages, and quantify the response generated.

SMS marketing solutions can be successfully integrated with other processes such as:

Lead generation
Automated payments
Delivery and transit
Market surveys
Time-sensitive marketing promotions, such as event notifications
Follow-up activities such as after-sales service

INDIAN mobile marketing ¨C cost effective advertising with impact

The beauty of mobile marketing is that your audience is permanently switched-on, impulsive, and ready to interact at the drop of a hat. It¡¯s no surprise that some of the leading UK/USA/CHINA/INDIAN brands have turned to mobile advertising for the best results.

According to the Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB), mobile advertising in the india has continued to grow quarter on quarter amidst the backdrop of a global recession. This growth is not only set to continue, but accelerate, as handsets equipped with new technology, including mobile broadband, become universal.

Eazy2sms ¨C the mobile marketing experts

Using new technology to send interesting, innovative and targeted content to an individual¡¯s personal mobile phone is the most powerful form of direct marketing. By presenting the right material in the correct manner, brands can enjoy an intimate relationship with their customers that no other form of communication can match.

Interacting with your target market in such a personable, tangible and immediate manner will allow your organization to build a carefully tailored rapport with your customers.

Be a part of the SMS marketing revolution with Eazy2sms

The phenomenal growth of the mobile phone market in the UK and worldwide over the past decade has left many sections of the business world trailing in its wake. Many successful organizations have started to rely on the advertising opportunities this new technology provides. The capabilities of SMS marketing are limitless, as can be gauged by its extensive reach, low cost, exceptional response rates and high retention value.

The recipe for success in the world of business SMS marketing is a simple one. Identify a target market and engage readers by offering solutions to their potential needs and wants.